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Breakfast Superfood 3 Ways

Breakfast Superfood, is that actually a thing?

Well, the reason I decided to come up with these low fat breakfast ideas, is mainly because I needed to find different ways to eat a filling (and usually warm) breakfast, without having breakfast cereals or oats , or bread (toast), flour etc

(Now if you could just bear with me, I would like to take a little moment to explain a little about the Slimming World plan, and why this was my motivation here.  It is probably the most generous weight loss programme I have ever seen, as there are no limits on how much pasta, rice, pulses, fruits or vegetables etc etc that you can eat every – single – day!  BUT, because there wouldn’t be any weight loss if we didn’t make some changes to our ordinary habits, there is however, only a measured amount of bread and breakfast cereals/oats allowed per day!)


Now I personally love either bread or cereal for my breakfast every day, but if I have my daily allowance for breakfast ……. then what about the rest of the day?

What if I plan to have a tasty tofu burger in a bread bun with chips for dinner that night, or I need to take sandwiches for a lunch on the go? What then?

I have over time come up with three tried and tested bread-less and cereal-less breakfast ideas, to save me my measured allowance whenever I need it, which also happen to be nutritionally good for you too!

So Breakfast Superfood here I come.


1. Wheatberries

What are Wheatberries?  Well, they are more commonly known in their ground form, as whole wheat flour.
The ‘berries’ are the whole grain that contain the bran, the wheatgerm and the endosperm of the whole kernel – a powerhouse of B Vitamins fibre and protein, a nutrient packed ‘superfood’!

Wheat berries are cheap, filling and satisfying and can be batch cooked in advance, and kept for up to 7 days in the fridge, in a . Cooked in simmering water until soft (for 40-60 minutes), wheat berries make a nutritious and tasty addition to soups, salads and side dishes.

Another great way to eat them is instead of breakfast cereal or porridge oats for breakfast, (as they are completely free on Slimming World.)  Add your favourite yoghurt and fruit and enjoy!

Another great tip is to use them to bulk out ‘measured’ amounts of either cereal or oats with a healthy handful of wheatberries (I prefer a mixture with oats personally), just add your favourite hot or cold toppings as usual.

Wheatberries Kasha Buckwheat Breakfast


Here I’ve added vanilla fat free yoghurt, crunchy raw buckwheat groats and apple slices.  (See further down for more about Buckwheat!)



Another way to eat wheatberries is as a savoury dish.  Here I’ve added handfuls of cooked berries to a Spinach & Beetroot Salad – Superfood Overload!!


2. Buckwheat

Now Buckwheat or Kasha, is another breakfast superfood find which is delicious.  Despite it’s name, Buckwheat is not actually a grain it is a fruit seed – yes, I know right!

It can be prepared just like wheatberries, but cooks much quicker.  Very well rinsed and simmered in water for approx 10-15 minutes, or to your liking.

This can also be eaten either as a sweet or savoury dish.  I tend to eat it mostly for breakfast, mixed with yoghurt and berries, cinnamon etc.   Many people eat it savoury, and it is also known as Kasha.

But my absolute favourite way to eat it, surprisingly is raw!

It is crunchy, and nutty and even though they are small kernels, are perfect as a crunchy topping to salads, frozen yoghurts, breakfast bowls and even snacking on handfuls of it can satisfy a craving for seeds or nuts. that are so much higher in unwanted fats.  With all the goodness!

I tend to scatter it over anything that I can, for the health and nutritional benefits as well as for that added crunch

(And on Slimming World they are, cooked or raw, completely syn free.)


3. Rice

Another cereal substitute for breakfast, is something I found on a Facebook post years ago when I first joined Slimming World, and that is Breakfast Rice.  OK not a Superfood per se, but I thought I would give it a mention here with these other great breakfast bowls, just because it is ‘super’ in it’s own way.

Cooked plain ‘pudding’ rice, sometimes known as ‘Glace’ rice, is better suited for this dish as you want stodgy, sticky rice rather than fluffy separate grains. You can add some vanilla essence, cinnamon, sweetener etc to the water while it is cooking, or just leave it plain and add your flavours after.

Please don’t be scared to make this rice (I know a lot of people are scared of cooking rice) as there is a Foolproof way to make this.


Simple Plain White Rice
Print Recipe
This is the simplest most foolproof way to make plain boiled rice EVER!
Cook Time Passive Time
8 minutes 3 minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
8 minutes 3 minutes
Simple Plain White Rice
Print Recipe
This is the simplest most foolproof way to make plain boiled rice EVER!
Cook Time Passive Time
8 minutes 3 minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
8 minutes 3 minutes
  1. You will need 1 measure of rice to 2 1/2 measures of hot water
  2. So - if you are using a tea cup for example, it would be 1 tea cup of rice to 2 1/2 tea cups of hot water, added together to an empty pot.
  3. Add your seasoning or flavouring, if using.
  4. Bring the rice and water back to the boil, then lower the heat to a simmer.
  5. Leave uncovered and boil until the water has all but totally evaporated (check the bottom of the saucepan for water by pushing the rice away with a spoon). If the rice is moist without any pools of water - it's ready.
  6. Take the pot off the heat, fluff the rice with a fork and cover with a clean tea towel (NOT a pot lid) for a few minutes to allow it to absorb the steam. It should be perfectly cooked.
Recipe Notes

N.B. Any item in bold is a Healthy Extra* on the Slimming World plan, so these must be weighed or measured and not exceeded, if you want to maximise your weight loss. Eating at least one third of vegetables (superfree food) at each and every meal is also key to this plan.
Please note that I am in no way affiliated to Slimming World, nor am I a Slimming World consultant, and still believe that the best way to follow this plan is to join either online or better still with a group near you.
Sharing ideas for Vegan and Vegetarian meals especially for those following the Slimming World plan.
Georgina x

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All my meal ideas include at least one third of salad/vegetables and/or fruit with it, (this is the way we at Slimming World eat less without going hungry).

The cooked rice can be kept in the fridge in a plastic container with a lid for up to 5 days.
Eat the breakfast rice as you would oatmeal or porridge, hot or cold.  Add milk or yoghurt and then top with chopped fruit or berries, cinnamon, honey etc.

I normally heat some up in the microwave, and then top with berries, banana and vanilla yoghurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon because I love it!

I also use my Microwave Rice Steamer for easy cooking of all these Breakfast Superfoods.  Cutting down your cooking time and it looks great!

It’s another one of those ‘How do you eat yours?’

Please drop me a line I’d love to know.


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