Proud To Be A Vegetarian

Hi there! My name is Georgina, and it’s very nice to meet you!

How many 100’s of Vegetarian food blogs are out there?

And how many say, “I make Low fat and healthy Vegetarian food, using simple & healthy ingredients, blah! Blah! …..” ? Gazillions!

So why is this one any different, you may ask???

I have battled with my weight for most of my life – and when I used to tell people that I was a Vegetarian, they wondered how that was even possible.

How could a Vegetarian not be, well … ‘skinny’?

Contrary to popular belief being a Vegetarian does not guarantee that you will not be overweight. Nor does it automatically guarantee you a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarian food might look like rabbit food, but there are lots of sneaky calories in there lol!

Why? Well, traditionally Vegetarians tend to eat lots of plant based fats & oils (e.g. Avocados!!) as well as nuts & seeds (e.g. Almonds/Cashews!!) and dairy products (my particular weakness – CHEESE!!). Healthy foods to be sure, but generally very high in calories, sugars and fats.

So yes, this may be yet another Vegetarian Food Blog with,  “Low fat and healthy Vegetarian food, using simple & healthy ingredients, blah! Blah! BLAH!…..”

BUT, this one is for real people, helping you to easily make healthy choices for every meal, every day without going hungry ever!  Ideal for your weight loss journey or to help you easily stick to your ideal weight.  Join my Pinterest Board to see all the new recipes, posts and ideas from the blog.

Have a look around!

I have included recipes which Vegetarian kids (and non-Vegetarian kids) love, as I am sure many of you are cooking for the entire family too.

An area especially for students which includes cheap and easy meals and snacks and some basic tips & cooking techniques. (I have 3 teenage boys, and I can see that preparing them for when they go away to College and University is going to take some planning!)

There is a section for outdoor cooking whether you are away Camping or firing up the BBQ at home, with lots of delicious Vegetarian and Vegan ideas for the non-meat eaters among us who love cooking and eating Al Fresco – and Yes! It is worth buying a BBQ even if you are a veggie!! 😉

I found it quite difficult at first to find Vegetarian EESP meal ideas, so I wanted to include a section to help out my fellow Vegetarians at Slimming World.

And as we are Greek Orthodox, foods eaten during Lent and other Fasting days are quite specific and almost always Vegan, Dairy and Egg free – and there are 100’s of gorgeous Greek, Cypriot and International recipes out there that just need to be shared.

Whether you are a Vegetarian or just looking for meat-free Monday meal ideas, I hope you can find some inspiration here! 🙂

Georgina x