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Valentine’s Day is Not Just For Dinner – Part 2 Lunch & Snacks

Quick & Easy Healthy Valentine’s Day Lunch & Snack Ideas

There are some days of the year which just don’t translate to ‘healthy eating’ or ‘calorie counting’ or ‘diet day’. Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings to name a few obvious ones, and one of the biggest challenges for me would be Valentine’s Day.

Valentines = Chocolate doesn’t it! Doesn’t it?

So I have done some browsing to come up with some delicious looking ‘healthier’ recipes and fun food from around the web.

Links and ideas for breakfasts, drinks and of course dinner and desserts. Suitable for all the family as well as just for two, and even as a special treat for just one 🙂 Perfect for Vegetarians and Vegans, of course!


Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Ideas, Snacks and Light Lunches

1. If your loved ones have sandwiches in their lunchbox, give them to a little Valentines smile when they see these heart shaped sandwiches. Using large cookie cutters for the heart shape, or you could brave it and use a sharp knife. Find the easy instructions at everydaydishes.

Heart-shaped sandwiches for Valentine's Day

2. Boiled eggs or cubes of cheese are favourites of mine, so an obvious one would be heart shaped cubes of cheese using small cookie cutters. I have seen cheese slices cut into X’s and O’s for kisses and hugs, but the one that I love is the heart shaped boiled egg!

Hundred’s of photographs are all over the internet and Pinterest especially, with no source, just the photo’s. It’s taken me ages to finally find where this great idea originated from and I am happy to link you to a very talented food artist Anna The Red.
Apparently a Japanese ‘art’, follow the step by step instructions and wow your loved ones, or just treat yourself 🙂 How cool is that!

How make a heart shaped egg <3

3. Vegetable sticks

Both Carrot ,

Here are my heart-shaped carrots!

and Cucumber

a Valentine’s side salad are all perfect for a lunchbox.

4. Fruit is also perfect for lunchboxes and snacks. This cookie cutter fruit salad looks so delicious, I would love to eat this every day!

Watermelon heart fruit salad for Valentine's Day - made with a heart-shaped cookie cutter!
And I came across this idea which being British, I loved. I love Valentine’s as much as the other holidays, but we Brits are generally much more reserved than our US cousins! My personal ‘limit’ is having a bunch of flowers delivered to my work place <blush>!
This ‘fruit message’  from Cakewhiz I think, is probably better suited to an adult as you have to ‘peel’ your fruit! Plus if your other half is a bit shy, you can be discreet – you can tell them you love them without making them eat a whole container of heart shaped food in front of their colleagues or classmates lol

Valentine's Day Fruits with Messages 5

What about dips and chips? Great for a lunchbox or at home sticking to the theme with a healthy Valentine’s day Snack, and even great as an apperetif with drinks before the Main Event!

1. Pink Hummus found at emily kyle nutrition using juicy beetroot in a healthy hummus recipe for that gorgeous pink colour, and tastefully garnished with a beetroot heart! Perfect with plenty of crunchy veggies for dipping.
Just make sure you’re all eating this, or go really easy on the garlic 😀

Pink Gremolata Hummus by Emily Kyle Nutrition

2. Or try this gorgeous Skinny yogurt dip and roasted beetroot dippers for another low fat and healthy option from the unconventional kitchen.

photo 2 (5)

3. I love these tortilla chips and dip idea from ‘makethebestofeverything.

Don’t forget tortillas are not free on Slimming World, but you could also make potato chips/crisps/fries instead which are so cool and have so many possibilities.

Baked Heart Shaped Seasoned French Fries (Plant Strong!)

And for a quick and easy ‘treat’ for a lunchbox or snack – three ingredient cookies!
This is the recipe,

Heart Shaped Peanut Butter Cookies (No Cookie Cutter Required)

but the idea and inspiration came from the semi sweet sisters  which has a wonderful step by step how to guide. Their recipe is really good, so if you don’t mind doing some baking ….!
(Not the most calorie conscious choice I know, but everything in moderation. And you can feel less guilty knowing that nut butters at least give you back something more than ‘fat’.)

Easy Valentine’s Day Lunch Ideas, Soup etc

A lovely bowl of warming soup makes a quick lunch, but how to make it good enough for Valentine’s day? I’ve found some fantastic recipes.

1. The first one is a tasty clear soup using pasta and vegetables  using that nifty trick of making little carrot hearts! This site is great!

This quick and easy soup is ready in just 10 minutes!

2. And you can cheat a little with the next one, by using tinned tomato soup and making these gorgeous little warm cheese sandwiches on the side!

Mini Grilled- Cheese HeartsRecipe

3. This simple yet elegant garnish is just cooked and sliced beetroot.


Whether you use fresh or vacuum packed, small or large, using cookie cutters once again, you can dress up a salad as shown (main dish or side dish), or use it to decorate some ‘Skinny’ Borscht (Beetroot Soup). Here is a very, very simple recipe from the Slimming World site.  (I have made it using vacuum packed beetroot, but if you are cooking it from fresh, don’t forget to use gloves to avoid staining your hands).

I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s day Roundup of healthy and lower fat recipes. And I truly hope they inspire you to make and enjoy lots of fabulous food while still maintaining your healthy eating plan.
Remember, fill each plate with at least 1/3 of fruit, vegetables or salads and enjoy 🙂

For more dinner & dessert ideas including romantic fondues, Valentines Pancakes and heart shaped pizza, please follow the link for Valentine’s Day Dinners & Desserts or go back to Valentine’s Day Breakfasts.

Thanks for reading, I do I hope you found these fun! And as I am always on the look out for a new dishes, I would love any ideas you may have for healthy snacks!

I have done my best to search for and credit the correct person/blog/website for these wonderful photo’s and recipes, but please let me know if there is an error and I will be happy to correct and or remove it. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to you & yours

Georgina xoxox

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