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Valentine’s Day is Not Just for Dinner – Part 1 Breakfast

Quick, Easy & Healthy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

There are some days of the year which just don’t translate to ‘healthy eating’ or ‘calorie counting’ or ‘diet day’.

Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings to name a few obvious ones, and one of the biggest challenges for me would be Valentine’s Day.

Valentines = Chocolate doesn’t it! Doesn’t it?

So I have done some browsing to come up with some delicious looking ‘healthier’ recipes and fun food from around the web.  Links and ideas for lunches, snacks, drinks and of course dinner and desserts. Suitable for all the family as well as romantic meals for two, and even as a special treat for just one 🙂 Perfect for Vegetarians and Vegans, of course!


Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Start the day with a simple Valentine’s Day themed breakfast – not necessarily to remind your other half that it’s February 14th TODAY! but it can’t hurt! 😀

As Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday most years, many of us are going to work or school etc and may not have time to prepare elaborate dishes.
So I have tried to find some quick and healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas, that will be sure to impress!

1. The first idea is one I loved, because it can be made with store bought items which you can mix and match and therefore control how many ‘goodies’ you use for each person. And it is also simple enough for little kids to help put together. (Save this one for Mother’s day too!) Perfect for all your Vegan favourites.

I have two links here, one for the naughty

Wilton Valentine's Day Breakfast

and one for the nice,

to give you some inspiration for mixing it up. I trust you guys! 😀

2. Next up is this simple and healthy egg topped English muffin idea from Thomas Breads, using a small metal cookie cutter!

Thomas Recipe: You Have My Heart Muffins

Served up with some sliced strawberries on the side – perfect!

3. If you have those nifty heart shaped egg rings/pancake rings then you can make Pancakes with a capital P.

Heather from Flourishing Foodies has a lovely recipe on her site for banana pancakes, or use her amazing photos for inspiration and use your favourite pancake recipe.

Here are two more simple ideas using a small cookie cutter.
4. One for a simple Hot Chocolate with marshmallows from Martha Stewart. You can of course use your own hot chocolate recipe (or low cal hot drink) and top with marshmallows for a very low fat (and low syn) version.

(*note 1 large marshmallow = 1 syn)

5. The other one I have no link for unfortunately, so cannot credit the person who made it, but it is so cute. Just fruit on a cocktail stick!

There are so many ways you can use this to add a little more fruit to everyone’s plate.

Valentine's day Fruit Sticks - a great way to add more fruit to everyone's plate! More great Valentine's day Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Desserts @mushypeacurry.com

6. I unfortunately, have neither heart shaped cookie cutters nor egg shaper rings (sad I know!) so I looked for something I could make without, and found this one from Juneberry lane. She does use a large cookie cutter, but I have managed to cut out a heart shape without a cookie cutter for this.
Bend your bread gently in half (without pressing down) it is quite easy to cut/or mark a half heart shape. When you lay your bread flat again, you can easily see the shape and cut out the heart shape with a sharp knife. Cook as normal!


Don’t like eggs, try this with some yogurt and a peach half (I actually had this in my April Fools file, but I love yogurt & fruit for breakfast so ….) Perfect with a Vegan yogurt xx

Orange Peach Dessert Bowl 04

7. I might not have heart shaped cookie cutters, but I do have a waffle maker that makes little heart shaped waffles. That is what I thought of when I found this picture on Pinterest from Apples & ABC’s, which is such a lovely idea.

Use your favourite healthy pancake recipe, and pour it onto your waffle maker (try to keep it quite a thick mixture though).

Waffle Hearts @mushypeacurry.com
Separate each cooked pancake/waffle into 5 hearts and use them as a garnish for a fruit salad or fat free yogurt. Eat them on the side of your other breakfast goodies with a little syrup, instead of as your main item, keeping calories down.

Oooh! I wonder if it works on slices of bread? Mini toast!

I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s day Roundup of healthy and lower fat recipes. And I truly hope they inspire you to make and enjoy lots of fabulous food while still maintaining your healthy eating plan.
Remember, fill each plate with at least 1/3 of fruit, vegetables or salads and enjoy 🙂 And don’t forget, strawberries cut in half are natures ready made heart shapes for extra fruit anywhere 🙂

For more snack and lunchbox ideas including heart shaped boiled eggs and heart shaped carrot sticks, please follow the link for Valentine’s Day Lunchbox, Lunch and Snack Ideas.

Thanks for reading, I do I hope you found these fun! And as I am always on the look out for a new dishes, I would love any ideas you may have for healthy breakfasts!

I have done my best to search for and credit the correct person/blog/website for these wonderful photo’s and recipes, but please let me know if there is an error and I will be happy to correct and or remove it. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to you & yours

Georgina xoxox

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